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The hills are alive…

What’s a super fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon?  Singing along with Julie Andrews at the top of your lungs with a group of friends and a sold-out theatre full of grown-ups and children who are all doing the same. We were in the 5th Avenue theatre, an ornate old building downtownwhere the touring […]

Getting to Seoul (and what we ate)

It’s one thing to stay up till 2am packing for a trip — what with the caffeine, the excitement, and the indecision over whether to pack all four pairs of shorts and two pairs of jeans, you declare that sleep is overrated and you’ll have plenty of time for that on the plane.  It’s another […]

Oh, the perils of being a woman in love!

Suppose you’re a beautiful young woman.  You meet the man of your dreams and fall in love.  He loves you, too, and life’s a fairy tale.  Unfortunately, if you’re the heroine of a fairy tale and you fall in love at the beginning of the tale, then you’re in for a rough spell.  Sooner or […]

Storytelling – Greek mythology and Oscar shorts

Stories.  I love ’em.  They get you out of your head, into someone else’s.  They take you places.  They make you feel things and understand things that you might never otherwise feel or understand because the scope of your first-hand experience is too narrow.  As a teenager who read way too many books (for example, in […]

Denver – Christmas Day

I awoke with a start in the wee hours of the morning — I had forgotten that there was a videoconference scheduled in my bedroom for exactly that time, and if I didn’t hurry, I would be caught sleeping in bed when everyone else dialed in to resume negotiations.  I scrambled out into the living […]

Denver – Productive and leisurely

It’s a good thing I went to church last Sunday and heard the Christmas message then — because that sure didn’t happen today.  Instead, I slept until 10am (nine hours of sleep! in a row!) and spent the rest of the day being moderately productive and 100% on holiday — in both senses of the word:  I relished the […]

Les Miserables, or Here we go again

In case you haven’t heard, the musical Les Misérables is coming to a movie theatre near you.  We’re essentially T minus however many days there are between now and December 25.  [Cue cheering from musical theatre geeks and anyone who just wants to hear Hugh Jackman sing “Bring Him Home.”] As any self-respecting French-major would […]