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Those ancient Anglo-Saxons made some lovely books…

After spending most of December away from London — galavanting to such exotic locales as Sydney, New York, and… Luxembourg — I figured I ought to start the New Year off with a good grounding in my Anglo-Saxon roots. The British Library obligingly put on an extraordinary exhibition of Anglo-Saxon literature. In this case “literature” […]

Birthday weekend

I’m not normally a big birthday celebrator, but it just so happened that some of the things I really wanted to do were best done this weekend — so I made a birthday treat of it. First thing was to get up early and open a little wrapped package that had been hiding in my […]

Getting to Seoul (and what we ate)

It’s one thing to stay up till 2am packing for a trip — what with the caffeine, the excitement, and the indecision over whether to pack all four pairs of shorts and two pairs of jeans, you declare that sleep is overrated and you’ll have plenty of time for that on the plane.  It’s another […]

Six-week-old Seattlite

Six weeks, folks.  I realized this morning that it has been six weeks since I got to Seattle.  When I thought about the things I’ve learned and done since then, the number “six” seemed both too long and too short, and I wondered, “Am I developing properly?  Am I ahead of the curve, or developmentally […]

Theatre season begins!

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again:  the air is cooler, the days noticeably shorter, my weekend evenings suddenly full of theatre dates.  While I don’t love everything about fall (why can’t it just be warm all the time?), that last bit makes up for a lot.  This theatre season got off to a […]

La fin (enfin!) des Miserables

So here I am, Thursday morning, sitting in my dentist’s waiting room, reading Les Miserables until they call my name, when — suddenly — I turn the page and discover . . . there were no more words!  Nothing but snowy white blank pages until the editor’s notes began.  After 1800 pages and six months […]

More misérables!

Finally, after FOUR LONG MONTHS, I’ve finished Volume I!  Okay, so it may have taken my Mormon pioneer ancestors less time to cross the Great Plains than it took me to read the first half of everyone’s favorite eighteen-hundred-page novel.  So what!  At least nobody’s died of cholera along the way.  And besides, we can chalk this […]