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San Francisco

You know that feeling when you spend a beautiful weekend in a place with your boyfriend and your best friend, and then get sucked into a week of meetings and lose the will to blog?  Sigh. So I’m just going to put a pin in San Francisco and come back to it later.

Work and waffles in Brussels

I’m in Brussels for a quick work trip. Took the Eurostar over this afternoon and of course the first thing I did upon arriving was get a gauffre in the gare. Because that’s what you do.  Then work work work till late, and then (drumroll) a walk down into centre ville for a pita . […]

Madrid after work

A long day of meetings is not so bad when your Spanish colleagues take you out afterwards for drinks on the rooftops . . .  . . . followed by an incredible dinner of sautéed mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, steak, and melted cheese (all for only 20 euros!) at an old-school madrileno bar. I may however […]

Changing perspective

I felt a bit blue tonight.  Work has been really intense lately. I closed a major deal on Friday which should have many that I could finally relax a minute this weekend. Only I’m so far behind on a number of other important projects that I had to jump right back in. After working through […]

I’m in Madrid!

Two days of work, then a day and a half of exploring (and also probably some work). It’ll be 100 degrees and sunny everyday–finally some summer!!


It’s not the worst thing to work for a company with offices in Europe! This week I’ve got a series of meetings in Luxembourg, and then I’ll spend a couple days in London meeting with colleagues (and then playing for Memorial Day weekend). I flew out on Sunday from Seattle to Amsterdam (9 hours) and […]

Meetings in Berlin (Day 2)

The downside of being in Berlin for business meetings is that I have to spend all day sitting in those meetings instead of running around experiencing the city.  But the upside is that after those meetings, the counterparty takes us out for dinner at a fancy rooftop restaurant with terrific views . . . . […]