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I’m in Madrid!

Two days of work, then a day and a half of exploring (and also probably some work). It’ll be 100 degrees and sunny everyday–finally some summer!!


It’s not the worst thing to work for a company with offices in Europe! This week I’ve got a series of meetings in Luxembourg, and then I’ll spend a couple days in London meeting with colleagues (and then playing for Memorial Day weekend). I flew out on Sunday from Seattle to Amsterdam (9 hours) and […]

Meetings in Berlin (Day 2)

The downside of being in Berlin for business meetings is that I have to spend all day sitting in those meetings instead of running around experiencing the city.  But the upside is that after those meetings, the counterparty takes us out for dinner at a fancy rooftop restaurant with terrific views . . . . […]

Meetings in Berlin (Day 1)

I’m in Berlin for work this week.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!  I got in yesterday and discovered that my hotel (which was booked by my colleague) is located right in the heart of the old historical center.  That meant I could go on an evening walk after dinner and […]

Two weeks down

I’ve been at the Jungle for two weeks now — imagine that!  I’m still at the very bottom of my new-hire learning curve; every day I come away feeling like the number of things I don’t know is greater than it was the day before.  But I’m not worried.  Instead I focus on little things, […]

Day 1

Well, it’s official:  I am now an Amazonian! I know, it’s an unfortunate word.  Makes me think of pirañas and loincloths and National Geographic boobs.  It’s doubly unfortunate given that there is a perfectly good alternative that is even more closely linked to the name of the company:  I mean, why not go for an […]

Last day

This move is getting real, folks!  Yesterday was my last day of work at the firm.  I finished transitioning all of my projects to other lawyers and spoke with the last of my clients who needed to know.  At 5:00pm I turned on my “out of office” notice and headed down to a special farewell […]