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New York & DC – Two Snow Whites

Last night after seeing Tribes, we realized that the night was still young (it was only 9:45pm).  So we ran back up to the movie theater at Lincoln Square and caught a screening of Mirror Mirror, the new Snow White movie with Julia Roberts and a handful of other interesting people.  (And yes, if you’re keeping […]

Honduras: La Ceiba – Utila – Copan Ruinas

It´s been a bit longer than usual since my last update, and quite a bit has happened.  I think we left off with me having a great time snorkeling in Belize, then having a long trip to Honduras via some uber-sketchy port towns in Guatemala.  Well, picking up from there, the last leg of the […]

Honduras: La Ceiba (Also, snorkeling in Belize)

Whew!  Today was an adventure!  I traveled from Puerto Barrios (a super dodgy port town in Guatemala) to La Ceiba, Honduras.  I left at 5:30am, changed buses four times, crossed one international border, took two taxies, and located a hostel that was identified incorrectly on the map — all before 5pm, and all by myself.  That¨s right – […]

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