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Las Vegas – Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

One of the best parts about visiting Las Vegas is having the chance to see firsthand some of the natural marvels of the southeastern United States.  Last year we visited Death Valley, with its geographic superlatives (lowest, driest, hottest point in North America); this year we set our sights on Ash Meadow National Wildlife Refuge, a biological rockstar in a neighboring […]

Las Vegas – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  We had a great, low-key day here in Las Vegas.  I got up early for a 50-mile bike ride through the canyons, and then the parents and I spent the rest of the day preparing and eating a delicious, traditional Thanksgiving dinner, watching Jane Eyre, snacking on left-overs, and Skyping with distant family.  […]

Las Vegas – Holsteins

Last night’s Lotus of Siam wasn’t the only restaurant Tim suggested I visit here in Las Vegas.  Next on the list was Holsteins — we tried it tonight.  Holsteins is a burger joint in the swanky Cosmopolitan hotel/casino complex, and they have crazy good hamburgers.  I ordered their Rising Sun burger (you can’t not order a menu […]

Las Vegas – Lotus of Siam

When my friend Tim heard that I was going to be in Las Vegas, he recommended a place called Lotus of Siam, claiming that it was supposed to be one of the best Thai restaurants in the US.  My parents and I tried it out tonight — and I’m happy to report that it was […]

Las Vegas – Red Rock Canyon

If at first you think it’s gonna kill you, do it again (because it won’t) and then go home and check your stats (because they’ll tell you why it felt so hard).  That’s the take-away from today’s ride through Red Rock Canyon.  Red Rock Canyon is on the outskirts of Las Vegas, and it’s famous for its eponymous […]

Las Vegas – Bike!

I’m experimenting with destination cycling this week. Rather than spend all week in the balmy desert weather wishing I had my bike, I decided to just shop my bike out here and ride all week. The first half of the adventure happened last weekend, when I had my local bike shop in Northern Virginia teach […]

Las Vegas – Quasi en vacances

Welp, I made it.  After a hectic Saturday morning (ballet class! packing! cleaning the apartment!) I settled into my seat for a flight to Las Vegas.  The layover in Houston ended up being a few hours longer than expected due to a mechanical failure.  The crowd was jolly, though, and I made friends with a middle-aged woman […]