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New York & DC – Two Snow Whites

Last night after seeing Tribes, we realized that the night was still young (it was only 9:45pm).  So we ran back up to the movie theater at Lincoln Square and caught a screening of Mirror Mirror, the new Snow White movie with Julia Roberts and a handful of other interesting people.  (And yes, if you’re keeping […]

Strasbourg – Street food!

I may have been disappointed with the shops in the marchés de noel, but I was more than happy with the street food options that we found.  The day was cold — much colder that we’d had in Paris all week — and we were nervous about staying warm through the day.  Turns out there […]

Strasbourg – Marchés de Noël

When I was in Strasbourg at Christmastime in 2000, I fell in love with its marché de noel.  Clustered in little chalet-style huts at the foot of the cathedral, you could get all sorts of wonderful crafts and decorations.  I particularly liked the Russian Santa Clauses and the German smoking Santa Clauses (at least one of which is […]

Strasbourg – Christmas in Strasbourg

Strasbourg claims to be the capital of Christmas — and boy, does it go all out!  The city center is decked out in lights, decorations and general Christmas cheer.  It’s delightful but, on the first day of the season (which is when we visited), it’s also absolutely packed with people.  I haven’t seen so many […]

Strasbourg – Promenade en ville

Strasbourg is a beautiful city.  As you can see from the architecture, it’s much more Germanic in flavor.  After getting off the train, Amanda and I explored the city and soaked up the atmosphere.  It had been eleven years since the last time I was in Strasbourg, and it was wonderful to see it and recognize it […]

Strasbourg – Cathedral

The Strasbourg cathedral may not be the biggest or the most famous cathedral, but it’s the only one that consistently takes my breath away every time I see it.  It’s tower is visible from a distance as you approach the city, but, because the buildings of the medieval city cluster closely around it, you don’t see it again […]

Strasbourg – TGV

Jaron, this post is for you: On our last day in France, we took a day trip to Strasbourg, which is on the eastern side of the country, very near the German border. Strasbourg is about 280 miles from Paris, and in the car or a normal train, the trip would normally take more than four hours.  We didn’t want to […]