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The Tempest at the Barbican

There are posters all over town advertising the Royal Shakespeare Company’s current production of The Tempest.  I would see them in the subway or on the sides of buses and think, “Oh, I should see that” only to forget all about it when I was back at my computer and able to do something about […]

Lunch in Oxford

In 2003 I went to the opera in Rennes, France, and during intermission met an English guy roughly my age named Ian. He had studied literature at Cambridge and had come to France to visit a professor and see the opera.  He offered a the floor of his flat if I ever came to London, […]

Country house opera

So the English have this thing called “country house opera”, which involves traipsing out to an ancient English country house in tuxedos and evening gowns to see an opera and picnic in the formal gardens during the intermissions.  Seriously people, how is this the first time I’m hearing of this? I went with a group […]

Walking the London Wall

My apartment is on the edge of what they call “The City”, which is short for The City of London.  Nowadays it’s the financial center of London, full of shiny modern skyscrapers (which may or may not look like pickles and/or walkie talkies), but back in the day this was it — THE city of […]

The walk to work

I went in to the office this afternoon to try and make some headway on the 300+ emails that had piled up over the past few days. It was fun to pass this on the way: And even more fun to see this immediately next door: I love that juxtaposition of era.

Saturday in London

Compared to the difficulties I had trying to get to Brussels, it was a cinch getting to London.  The small commuter plane left the tiny Luxembourg airport bright and early, touching down in the London City airport an hour later (though with the time zone change, we only lost about 10 minutes).    I checked into […]

Puerto Rico – Exploring Old San Juan

Our morning food tour was only the beginning of our day-long ramble through Old San Juan.  When Kathy released us back into the wild, we paused for a moment with our map to note the places we had passed that were worth revisiting, and to identify the landmarks we hadn’t yet crossed off our list. […]