Let’s say you were chopped to the ground, uprooted, flown across the Atlantic, and buried in foreign soil.  How long would it take before you dusted yourself off and pressed on with your life?  As you think about your answer, please consider that it has taken my shamrock less than a week (see the story). […]

It’s official:  Seattle’s hottest AirBnB property has just gone live and is open for business.  I mean, if I’m not going to stay there, why shouldn’t you?  You just have to promise you’ll let me back in when I move back from London. Here’s the listing.  It’s perfect for weekend get-aways, longer-term corporate arrangements, and […]

I probably have the world’s best-traveled shamrock plant. In the 38+ years of its life (its older than I am!), this plant has lived in Utah, Texas, Iowa, Arizona, Oregon, New York, Virginia, and Washington–and has traveled through most of the states in between. This weekend it ventured into international territory. I couldn’t move it […]

After a week of glorious clear weather in Seattle, today dawned smokey and grim. Made saying goodbye a little bit easier.

The city has apparently mandated the use of “earth-friendly” paper straws.  I’m sure it’ll be an improvement for marine life; less certain about the trees used in making them. But one thing is true: If I still lived here, these straws would do more to curb my consumption of Diet Coke than any story about […]

Impromptu midweek date nights are the best. Especially when you know that in three more days you’ll be back on opposite sides of the Atlantic. We bagged the usual work-night routine (which now that one of us lives in London is neither usual nor routine) in favor of a stroll through the Olypic Sculpture Park […]

A perfect, sunny September day in Seattle — easy to think you’re on vacation instead of a work trip!  Started with breakfast: a bagel with lox and cream cheese from Eltana and a pain au chocolat from Sea Wolf bakery. All eaten on my roof overlooking Seattle, of course.  After that I puttered around the […]