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Getting to Chicago

Because Chicago is such a wonderful mid-winter destination, Amanda and I planned a quick theatre weekend. As if the universe knew we’d need good blog fodder, travel drama ensued: (I’m the blue bubbles, Amanda’s the grey) Fortunately, it all worked out in the end.  I got to the hotel around midnight and went out to […]

Chicago – Galoshes and Michelin stars at Everest

Amanda and I returned from brunch and kronuts just in time to dress for . . . (can you guess it?) . . . dinner!  We’ve been hooked on the Michelin Guide for years now and have been looking for an opportunity to bring Will and Susan (Amanda’s parents) into our decadent ways.  Since Chicago […]

Chicago – Art, brunch and kronuts in the snow

Chicago is not an obvious choice for a February vacation, not with its reputation for ungodly cold temperatures and biting wind.  We lucked out on Saturday — the weatherman substituted steady snow for the arctic winds — but it was still no day for strolling through the park.  So we headed to the Art Institute of […]

Chicago – Morning! (Why did you come so soon?)

Whoever proposed 9am as a totally reasonable time to meet for breakfast (ahem, that person may have been me), clearly forgot to factor in talking until 4am… But still. Vacation! Chicago! Who could wish for more sleep when THIS is waiting for you just outside your window? 

Chicago – Friends and meatloaf and a little bit of snow

Yay, I got to Chicago without delay!  No 12-hour waits in New York, no overnight diversion to St. Louis, nothing that normally happens when I normally fly to Chicago happened.  Aside from fifty minute wait on the runway on the first leg out to Philadelphia (which was itself only a 20 minute flight), everything went perfectly smoothly.  Phew! And another […]

Home again

The Chicago trip ended this morning.  Everyone met for one last breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then packed off into waiting black cars that would take us to our various airports — the Colorado folks flew out of Midway; the rest of us out of O’Hare.  Turned out that Will and Susan (Amanda’s parents) were […]

Chicago – Stars! (both the Michelin and the Broadway kind)

There are only three cities in the US that have been graced with a Michelin guide.  Chicago is one of them.  Naturally, this means that Saturday night found Amanda and me seated in the swanky downtown dining room — complete with snowy tablecloths and witch-hazel stick arrangements — of the Michelin-starred and James Beard award-winning restaurant NAHA. We had […]