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Boise weekend!

This time last week, I was on my way to the airport to catch a flight to Boise.  I’d found a good promotion on Alaska Air a few months ago and decided to seize the opportunity to shore up my position as the Favorite Uncle and catch up with my awesome twin sister. How did […]


For the first time in, gosh, how many years? I didn’t spend the month of December working around the clock to close a bunch of year-end deals. Instead, I had a great December full of sisterly visits, furniture shopping and — to top it all off — a white Christmas with my sibs and the […]

Stories to tell . . . later

Had a fantastic weekend, and I’ve got lots of photos and stories to share (spoiler: there are beaches and sequins and pecan cheesecake, among other things).  But it’s late and I’m tired — and, since I spent the weekend (mostly) playing instead of working (as much as I should have), I’m going to need to get an early start […]

Mudslides and peach cobbler

On Friday morning Mark and I drove up north to go hiking around Blue Lake and have lunch in McCall, Idaho.  He didn’t have class or work, and the weather was perfect; I was looking forward to a fun day in Nature with my brother.  Only we didn’t get there.  Roughly half-way between Boise and […]

Shae turns five

Thanks to a felicitous coincidence in the timing of my vacation, I was in Boise for Shae’s fifth birthday party.  We were both delighted that I could be part of the special occasion.  Legos featured prominently among the gifts An outdoor Lego pool that Barbie would have loved.I hadn’t realized the company had made such […]

The Ride: Bogus Basin

Boise claims to be a cycling town.  in the interest of getting in shape for the big ride at the end of the month, I decided to put it to the test.  Last week I hunted around for a bike shop that would rent me a good road bike.  Idaho Mountain Touring was the only shop […]

Family night at the mini golf

Guess what we did today!        Shae (turns 5 tomorrow)   Brynn (9 yrs old)   Jaron (7 yrs old)   Mini-golf Gothic   Mark (my brother) and Erin (sister-in-law)   Adri (5 months)     Heather (my sister)     Jordan (brother-in-law)