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My bedroom is so famous

Look what Ashley found on Pinterest! A pirated photo of my bedroom with “bird wall art” photoshopped onto the wall by Etsy craftspersons. As a lawyer, I’m supposed to be indignant at the infringement of my copyright. As a designer, I question the adulteration of my ensemble with uninvited decor. But as a human being […]

Temple at Kom Ombo

We sailed from Edfu up the river to Kom Ombo where another temple from the Greco-Roman period of Egypt stood on the shore.  Despite the blistering heat — at 3pm we were at the worst time of day for this, with temperatures well over 100 F — we climbed out and went exploring. We didn’t […]

New York & DC – Two Snow Whites

Last night after seeing Tribes, we realized that the night was still young (it was only 9:45pm).  So we ran back up to the movie theater at Lincoln Square and caught a screening of Mirror Mirror, the new Snow White movie with Julia Roberts and a handful of other interesting people.  (And yes, if you’re keeping […]

Greece/Turkey: Istanbul

I forgot to mentıon thıs before, but ıf you want to see pıctures of thıs latest stınt ın Istanbul, here’s the lınk agaın to Amanda’s blog: I just saw that Mıchael Jackson dıed!  Holy cow – does somethıng major have to happen every tıme I leave the country?  Fırst I go to Guatemala and […]

Greece/Turkey: Istanbul

Thıs wıll most lıkely be my last emaıl from Turkey – tomorrow we fly back to the US!  We have been ın Istanbul for almost three days now.  We flew here rıght after the hammam experıence ın Cappadocıa.  Orıgınally we thought we’d have a good afternoon ın Istanbul that day, sınce we were leavıng at […]

Greece/Turkey: Cappadocia (Hammam!)

You probably thought you were done hearing from me for a while — at least until I got to Istanbul, right?  Well, so did I, but now there’s news:  the Turks may not have grasped the concept of deodorant, but they have definitely got bathing down to an art! Faced with a morning of unscheduled […]

Greece/Turkey: Cappadocia – Istanbul

It’s moi; still in Turkey; thought I’d send along another update as I wind up the Cappadoccia section of the trip and head to Istanbul. First, I want to say “Happy Father’s Day” to Dad.  I’m sorry I wasn’t around to call and say it in person, but I definitely thought of you and hope […]

Greece/Turkey: Cappadocia

I’m writing this email from a cave.  It’s a delightful cave, full of Turkish carpets and hardwood floors, with little carved windows and a fireplace.  Outside is a covered terrace with pots of geraniums and a pool a little farther on.  This sort of lodging is common out here in the Cappadocia region of Turkey […]

Greece/Turkey: Athens – Crete – Selcuk

I’m writing from Selcuk, a town on the Aegean coast of Turkey.  (The innkeeper is watching horseracing on television right next to me, and the volume is very loud, so my thoughts might be scrambled!)  We only just got to Turkey today, and already we love it!  This is the first time I’ve had access […]

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