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Praised be that I had the foresight a few weeks ago to tack on a weekend in Spain ahead of some meetings in Madrid on Monday. After one of the crappiest weeks in recent history at work, I need a mini break (and this just after a 4-day weekend in Ireland!). I left London a […]

Skellig Michael and the Ring of Kerry

You know that rocky island with the beehive huts where Luke Skywalker goes to grow a beard and become mystical in the most recent Star Wars movie? Well, it turns out that’s a real place. Off the western coast of Ireland two tiny spikes of rock (“skelligs”) jut out from the sea. On the larger, […]

Shanagarry & Killarney

Forty minutes outside of Cork lies the tiny village of Shanagarry, where Stephen Pearce makes his famous pottery (well, to be more accurate I think other people make it for him, but still). In the past couple of years I’ve collected several pieces of this pottery from shops in London and other parts of Ireland, […]

Cashel & Cork

It’s the August Bank Holiday weekend and I need a break. I’ve been meaning to come back to Ireland since my first short trip left me wanting more, so this was my chance. I took the day off work and caught an early flight to Dublin, hired a car at the airport and set off […]

Mottisfont Abbey

Seattle for the Fourth!

This was our third Fourth of July with the parents in Seattle. The first was boiling hot, the second freezing cold, and this time? Well, as for Goldilocks, the third time was the charm: This one was just right. Beautiful weather — sunny and warm but not hot — and lovely company. We scrapped the […]

Sightseeing along the Cornish coast

First a drive through the narrowest hedgerows to Lizard Point, the southernmost tip of mainland Britain. Then up the coast to the charming village of Mazarion and Saint Michael’s Mount. This actually way exceeded my expectations. From a distance it looks an awful lot like the Mont-Saint-Michel. Same name, same tidal island, on opposite sides […]