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Dear England

On a scale from 0 to Mr Darcy, how English is it to eat crumpets, and does it help if they’re eaten with butter and Nutella for dinner after getting home from work at midnight?

Best thing I ate?

It’s a toss-up between the chocolate and churros from Chocolateria San Gines that I had for breakfast . . . . . . and the ceviche I had for lunch with sea bass, fresh strawberries, mint, sweet potato, and puffed Peruvian corn . . .  . . . followed by grilled octopus with avocado, tomatoes […]

Luxembourg is not London

I’m in Luxembourg for a couple of days this week for work. I left the office at 10pm thinking I’d get an Uber to the hotel and then get some dinner at one of the nearby places recommended by coworkers.  Here’s what I discovered: The building closes and locks the lobby sometime before 10pm, so […]

It’s not all glamorous 

Guess what I had for dinner tonight! Yep.  The staple of mission and student years which I haven’t made once in probably nearly ten years.  But when you’re starving after a day of apartment hunting and don’t want to eat cold cereal for dinner again and can’t find any nearby restaurants that aren’t what you’ve […]

Seattle for the Fourth – Independence Day

The Fourth of July last year was blazing hot.  This year?  Not so much:  Chilly and grey, with patches of rain.  Apparently this is how the Pacific Northwest “does summer.”  But being the good Americans we are, we celebrated our independence — weather be damned! We caught a late-morning ferry to Bainbridge Island, where Justin’s […]

Seattle for the Fourth – Lunch in Victoria

Victoria, BC, is normally a quick boat ride from Seattle — in under 3 hours you can go from downtown Seattle to the Inner Harbor in the most British of Canadian cities.  Three hours on a good day, that is.  Shortly after boarding our captain announced that we’d be taking a “weather route” due to […]

Seattle for the Fourth – Waterfalls and Musical Theatre

The parental units are in Seattle to celebrate America! Highlights from day one:  – Brunch! – Naps!   (No photos out of respect for the sleeping) –  Snoqualmie Falls! – Dancing minors! (also, miners!)