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One thing I’m loving about December in London is how I can sleep in until 8am and still have that slightly-type-A satisfaction of having gotten up before dawn to “get stuff done”.  Today specifically, the cozy grey pre-dawn hours were devoted to wrapping all the presents while Justin slept (thank heavens for jet lag!). He […]

Let the holidays begin

Today was technically a work day for me.  But with most people already out for the holidays, it was more than quiet.  I “worked” from home and basically wrapped up enough open threads to feel like I could disconnect with peace of mind. Around 2pm I turned off the laptop and we officially started the […]

Christmas flowers

At Thanksgiving I told Lady I wasn’t getting a Christmas tree.  [gasp; maternal gears start churning]  Then I told her my plan to get Christmasy flowers instead.  [whew] So that’s what I did today.  Got up before dawn (which, let’s be honest, means about 8:00am in London in December), caught the bus to the Columbia […]

There may be a reason you haven’t seen pumpkins used as vases before

Cute and whimsical for a seasonal arrangement? Yes. Good at being a vase? I’ll let you be the judge: After only five days I discovered that the pumpkin had melted into a mushy, moldy, leaking mess. I salvaged what I could….

Birthday flowers

Leave it to Justin to take inspiration from my blog for a perfect birthday arrangement: yellow and floral and bugs! Well, maybe no bugs (that I’ve found yet anyway…).


Last week in Madrid and Munich, next week in Seattle. I flew out on Saturday to have a weekend without work.  Justin met me at the airport with a bunch of lilies.  Then we got some tacos to stave off jet lag for a few more hours.  And then went to his house where my […]

Speaking of floral . . . Columbia Road Flower Market!

Streets full of all the cut flowers and potted plants your heart could desire.  Where has this been all my life and why don’t I have more vases? My flat now has traces of all the stalls I stopped at. Well, not all the stalls–just the ones I got to before my cash ran out and […]