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When you’ve just moved in and don’t have dishes, bed linens or toilet paper, the first thing to get is a jar of lilies and a mobile.

Gardens in Madrid!

It’s 100 degrees, sunny, and dry as a bone here — this, my friends, is what summer feels like and I love love it so much! I just couldn’t spend the day indoors, do I went in search of Madrid’s gardens. I’ve already posted about the lovely formal gardens I found while running through the […]

PDX with Justin & Eve

September’s here!  And with it the lull of summer “vacation” has ended:  Everyone’s intensity-level at work is ramping up, and I’ve got every weekend booked with plans from here to Christmas.  Well, maybe not Christmas (yet) — but I will be traveling every weekend in September, and at least one or two in October. The […]

Easter Weekend: Tulips and concerts and General Conference and baskets of goodies

Did you know that the world’s largest producer of tulips, daffodils and irises is right here in the Pacific Northwest?  Well, it’s true.  Back in the mid-Twentieth Century, some tulip farmers from the Netherlands immigrated to Skagit Valley (just north of Seattle) and started growing their bulbs in the rich, wet earth.  Now, sixty years later, thousands […]

Flowers in January

Last night when I got home from work, I smelled something lovely.  A fresh, floral aroma floating around my front door.  How nice, I thought, one of my neighbors must have walked by a few minutes earlier, leaving a trace of perfume. Tonight I came home and, as I fumbled with my keys in the […]

The House: Moving Day!

Finally, at long last, and FOR PETE’S SAKE, I moved into my new place today!  I technically have another month before I need to be out of my old place, and I had hoped to paint and redo some light fixtures (and maybe trim some more moss?) before moving in, but apparently Lesson No. 1 […]

Okay, so maybe Seattle’s not that bad (even if it is still weird)

x Okay, so my last post might have been kind of a rant.  Maybe a tad negative about the city I chose to move to of my own free will.  And I suspect you might be wondering whether I’ve thrown in the towel (or expired from heat exhaustion in my bed).   The good news […]