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Almost home

It’s Labor Day weekend! The official end of summer (at least as far as the public pools and rules about wearing white are concerned), so why not celebrate with one more trip to the beach? And by “beach” I don’t mean the chilly shores of the Pacific Northwest — I want sun and sand and […]

Perfect weekend

There will be a special place in hell reserved for people who schedule moves away from DC during the springtime. [Er . . .  hold on . . . I’m the one who scheduled this move.  Let’s start again.] Whoever invented DC in the springtime deserves an award.  Like, an Oscar for “best pairing of city and […]


It’s official — we’ve finally (FINALLY) had our first bona fide spring weekend in DC.  After yesterday’s warmish, blustery day, today dawned fresh and bright, full of sunshine and flowering trees trying oh-so-hard to break out of their wintry slumber. We took our time getting up and then made our leisurely way over to meet […]

Vanessa in DC

Vanessa flew in from Chicago last night and is staying with me for a weekend in DC.  I think she had planned the trip in hopes of seeing the famous cherry blossoms but, alas, the weather has been cold enough that almost none of the trees are in bloom.  At least the sun finally came […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving morning dawned bright and cold!  First thing to do?  Thaw out the goldfish. Best way to do this is set a pan of boiling water on theice.  That way it just melts through the surface crustwithout breaking the ice, which can hurt the fish. Then off to the box for an early morning workout: […]

King John (or 18 down, 19 to go!)

King John?  Check.  One more history play off the list. About a year ago a friend of mine, Melanie, decided that she wants to see all of Shakespeare’s plays performed before she turns forty.  She knows I can keep up when it comes to theatre (she and I did theatre together while we were in law […]

True love conquers all (especially if you’re a vampire)

For the past few years I’ve had seasons tickets to the Kennedy Center’s modern dance season, but this year I opted for the ballet season instead.  Largely inspired by my own forays into the genre, I wanted more exposure to the discipline, athleticism and rigorous aesthetics of classical dance.  And, I’m not going to lie, I wanted to […]