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Friday night with a populist Julius Caesar

Nicholas Hytner’s production of Julius Caesar at the Bridge Theatre has gotten strong reviews — and it’s one I still needed to cross off my list for my goal of seeing all of Shakespeare’s plays before I turn 40 — so Friday night after work I went down to the south bank of the Thames […]

Luxor temple at night

We visited the Karnak temple early in the morning to beat the heat.  After lunch and an air-conditioned nap back on the boat, we headed out again to see the Luxor temples at dusk. The Luxor temples aren’t quite as old as Karnak (only 3,000 years instead of 4,000 years) and are on a slightly […]

Egyptian museum

Before visiting the pyramids we spent the morning at the Egyptian Museum, which is a late 19th Century museum stuffed to the gills with more mind-blowing antiquities than you can believe. In a whirlwind tour with our guide, we all all the greatest hits.  Rameses, Hatshepsut, Tutankamen, the pet mummies, and all the other fascinating […]


I saw and touched and went inside one of the seven wonders of the ancient world!  Pretty incredible. The Great Pyramid was built some 4,500 years ago.  That’s mind-blowing to me.  I mean, woolly mammoths were around for roughly another 1,000 after it was built.  That’s farther before the birth of Christ than we are […]

Christmas Day

Oh, Christmas!  Always a lovely, low-key day, and even more so in London where the city really shuts down and I don’t have relatives or friends to visit outside my own home.  We let ourselves sleep in until we woke up naturally, and then began opening presents after a quick first-breakfast of English muffins (or, […]


6:30pm is an inconvenient time for an opera to start.  One barely has time to get home from shopping, call one’s boyfriend, change into a suit and bow-tie, slurp a dinner of oatmeal, catch the bus downtown, snarf a second dinner of German sausage under the pillars of Covent Garden market (My Fair Lady!), and […]

Unexpected day off

Bank holidays in the UK have a delightful way of sneaking up on an expat and leaving him with an unexpected day off. When I realized that I didn’t need to go in to work on Monday, I cracked open my Rick Steves and Lonely Planet and looked for an easy last minute day trip. […]