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I spent most of last week in Denver doing site visits within our logistics network. We do these periodically to make sure we (the legal team) stay grounded in the physical reality of world operations, as opposed to the Ivory tower of the corporate headquarters. My favourite part was a training centre for drivers, which […]

Weekend in Colorado

Following closely on the heels of my trip to Seattle, I flew out to Colorado for some meetings at the US Olympic Committee.  The USOC is based in Colorado Springs, which is only an hour south of Denver.  Naturally I took advantage of the adjacent weekend to explore the area and play with Amanda and […]

Layover rendez-vous

Okay, so this was awesome:  My flight from Salt Lake City to Reno went through Denver, where I had a two-hour layover.  Not enough time to leave the airport to visit Amanda, but plenty of time for her to meet me for a late lunch on the other side of the security line.    The […]

Denver – Christmas Spider

Getting out of Denver was kind of an ordeal. My flight was supposed to leave at 8:00am, but when I tried to check in I learned that it had been canceled (surprise!).  “Not to worry,” said the agent comfortingly, “we’ve already rebooked you for the first flight out on Friday morning.”  Her benevolent smile evaporated […]

Denver – Christmas Day

I awoke with a start in the wee hours of the morning — I had forgotten that there was a videoconference scheduled in my bedroom for exactly that time, and if I didn’t hurry, I would be caught sleeping in bed when everyone else dialed in to resume negotiations.  I scrambled out into the living […]

Denver – White Christmas

It’s rare that the weather cooperates and does exactly what it should at the moment it should be done.  But last night that happened!  After a relaxed and uneventful Christmas Eve Day, Amanda and I went downtown for dinner at a new restaurant called Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar.  We ordered oysters and soup […]

Denver – Tableau vivant

It was late on Christmas Eve when Amanda and I posted our tableau vivant Nativity scene.  We considered taking a few minutes to wish our readers Merry Christmas and offer some cheery words about the birth of Our Lord, but we were sleepy and decided to let the image speak for itself. Then we remembered all of our art history […]

Denver – Christmas Eve


Denver – Productive and leisurely

It’s a good thing I went to church last Sunday and heard the Christmas message then — because that sure didn’t happen today.  Instead, I slept until 10am (nine hours of sleep! in a row!) and spent the rest of the day being moderately productive and 100% on holiday — in both senses of the word:  I relished the […]

Denver – Sweet familiarity

Welp, I made it to Denver.  The trip went fine — but talk about over the river and through the woods!  At 6:45am we were still sitting in the New York conference room negotiating, and I was starting to despair of catching the 8:00am train back to DC.  But then the partner leaned over and […]

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