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Kew Gardens

Inspired by my run through Kensington Gardens, I decided to take the train out to Kew Gardens.  A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Kew Gardens are considered one of the best gardens in the world.  They cover hundreds of acres, and I could have spent all day there — as it was, I only had time […]

Kensington Gardens

I went for a run this morning through Hyde Park and took a detour to visit the gardens of Kensington Palace.  I may have spent more time looking at plants than I spent actually running… My favorite, the sunken garden. Kensington Palace. Not super impressive from the outside. The Italian Fountains.  Built by Prince Albert […]

Perfect weekend

There will be a special place in hell reserved for people who schedule moves away from DC during the springtime. [Er . . .  hold on . . . I’m the one who scheduled this move.  Let’s start again.] Whoever invented DC in the springtime deserves an award.  Like, an Oscar for “best pairing of city and […]

Water Lilly

Little miracles daily in the garden. I awoke early this morning with the intention of going for a long bike ride before the heat of the day set in. As I ate breakfast on the balcony, something new caught my eye. Something that hadn’t been there before. Delighted, I put cycling plans on hold and […]

As if it knew I was missing Vietnam

My jasmine plant bloomed!   Two blossoms this morning and a slew of buds getting ready to open.  This makes me all sorts of happy.  (And I give all credit to James and Chip, whose excellent watering skills kept my plants alive while I was galavanting through Southeast Asia.)   With the possible exception of gardenias, there […]

Container Gardens, Year 3 – Focus on color and texture

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons.  The days are long and bright and warm, and I get to plant my balcony gardens.  I finished all my planting about a month ago and have enjoyed watching them grow.  Every morning I sit on the balcony to eat a piece of fruit and soak in the colors and […]

Chicago – Flowers and fish (and tiny little dinosaurs)

Saturday morning dawned clear and beautiful.  What better way to enjoy a perfect spring day in Chicago than by visiting a flower show at the Lincoln Park Conservatory? Their spring gardens were exquisite with their foxgloves and lilies . . . and astilbe, geraniums, daffodils and hydrangea. The orchid room was a valiant attempt but […]