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Let’s say you were chopped to the ground, uprooted, flown across the Atlantic, and buried in foreign soil.  How long would it take before you dusted yourself off and pressed on with your life?  As you think about your answer, please consider that it has taken my shamrock less than a week (see the story). […]

Salmon at midnight in Madrid

When one misses one’s flight and gets in to Madrid too late for a proper dinner, one makes do with smoked salmon and sparkling water.   Life could definitely be harder.

Changing perspective

I felt a bit blue tonight.  Work has been really intense lately. I closed a major deal on Friday which should have many that I could finally relax a minute this weekend. Only I’m so far behind on a number of other important projects that I had to jump right back in. After working through […]

Fire and fury

My landlady’s definition of a proper clean and my definition of a proper clean are not the same. I had her clean the flat twice before I moved in, and while the second attempt was a much more valiant effort, the bathroom still wasn’t habitable.  Because mildew. Even after two allegedly “professional” cleans there was […]

Homeless! Homeless?

You guys.  It’s a travesty to all that is bloglike that I have not been live-blogging my flat search here in London.  Talk about trials and tribulations! To catch you up, let’s start with the cast of characters.  Where would you rather live?  New River Head — A tiny one-bedroom flat on the third floor […]

Luxembourg is not London

I’m in Luxembourg for a couple of days this week for work. I left the office at 10pm thinking I’d get an Uber to the hotel and then get some dinner at one of the nearby places recommended by coworkers.  Here’s what I discovered: The building closes and locks the lobby sometime before 10pm, so […]

It’s not all glamorous 

Guess what I had for dinner tonight! Yep.  The staple of mission and student years which I haven’t made once in probably nearly ten years.  But when you’re starving after a day of apartment hunting and don’t want to eat cold cereal for dinner again and can’t find any nearby restaurants that aren’t what you’ve […]