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Who needs a place to stay in Seattle?

It’s official:  Seattle’s hottest AirBnB property has just gone live and is open for business.  I mean, if I’m not going to stay there, why shouldn’t you?  You just have to promise you’ll let me back in when I move back from London. Here’s the listing.  It’s perfect for weekend get-aways, longer-term corporate arrangements, and […]


When you’ve just moved in and don’t have dishes, bed linens or toilet paper, the first thing to get is a jar of lilies and a mobile.

Fire and fury

My landlady’s definition of a proper clean and my definition of a proper clean are not the same. I had her clean the flat twice before I moved in, and while the second attempt was a much more valiant effort, the bathroom still wasn’t habitable.  Because mildew. Even after two allegedly “professional” cleans there was […]

An awkward first Friday

First Friday in London, I’ve got this world-class city at my fingertips and what do I do?  Umm, well . . . At about 7:00pm, I pulled my head out of my work emails and realized that despite the glorious sunlight still streaming over the city (we’re farther north than Calgary, so the days are […]

Puerto Rico — Oops

We got back to the condo at 9:30pm or so, which of course is WAY too early to go to bed.  So Justin broke out the game of Set and we played just long enough to confirm that I’m terrible at card games before devolving into deep “truth or dare” sleep-over style conversations (only without […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The first best thing about Thanksgiving is getting together with family for delicious food, fun conversations, and the feeling of gratitude for all the blessings that fill my life.  All those things happened this week (I flew down to Reno and spent the holiday with my parents), but since my phone battery died and my […]

Diamonds and gold all over my face

Okay, let’s say you had a story to tell about how you accidentally got a super-fancy facial at a high-end cosmetics boutique where they smeared magnetic Dead Sea mud and real live diamonds and who knows what else on your face before releasing your now-flawless self back into the world of mortals.  How would you […]