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I’m in Munich!

Trivia question:  Which takes longer, flying from London to Munich, or eating a French brunch in Denver? Answer:  They take the same amount of time!  I texted Amanda a few minutes before boarding in London and she said she couldn’t talk because brunch.  When she texted back, I had just climbed into a taxi at […]

I may have a thing for dishes

The other day I mentioned in passing that I had purchased some plates that had been calling to me.  Lady expressed interest in seeing the plates, so in response here you go! It all started when I went exploring in Shoreditch a few weeks ago.  I was technically supposed to be looking for places to […]

Macbeth and the ordinary

I was in Luxembourg all last week for a business trip that turned out to be pretty fun.  This was the annual EU-wide summit, where we get together to celebrate the past year and look ahead to the coming year.  We stayed in a surreal thermal springs resort that straddled the border between Luxembourg and […]

A windfall weekend

What do you do when your get-away weekend in Italy falls through and you want to stop feeling sad that your opera ticket’s going to waste? Think of the weekend as a surprise weekend in London, not a lost weekend in Italy. I was tempted to treat it like a “normal” weekend, feeling harried to […]

Things don’t always go as planned…

Oh, the glamorous life of an expat in Europe!  After work on Friday I left my London office for the airport, where I caught the last plane out for a weekend in Milan.  I spent Saturday exploring parts of the city I hadn’t seen before (Cathedral! Da Vinci’s Last Supper!) and then went back to […]

A palace and a play

King Henry VIII was quite the king.  All those wives and the drama with the Catholic Church and the fantastic Holbein portraits.  Yesterday I went to see where he used to live. Hampton Court Palace is about 15 miles up the Thames from London and claims to be the largest medieval palace in Europe (certainly […]

A few days in Seattle

A week of business meetings was the reason for the trip, but outside of work is where all the real action was.  I toured Amazon’s famous newly opened spheres; visited not one but two of my favorite nurseries to restock plants at the house; won an “Iron Chef” style competition by simply deep frying everything […]