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Walking at Bray’s Head

One of my colleagues had recommended visiting Bray, a village on the coast a few miles south of Dublin, and walking up to the cliffs at nearby Bray’s Head.  Thanks to the beautifully long days here in Ireland, I was able to make it there in time to watch the sun set.  It was gorgeous. […]

The weather’s getting nice

Springtime finally got to London! The past few days have been absolutely gorgeous. There’s something about warm air, late light, and green living things that makes the heart glad. And even if you mostly see it from inside the office, at least the window are large and the views of the sunset unmatched.

Boating around Aswan

Our last morning in Aswan was gorgeous!  As if trying to make up for the terrible weather the day before, the air was clear and cool and perfect. We went out on a boat to explore the many little islands that dot the Nile at Aswan.  This part of the Nile is called the First […]

Cruising up the Nile

As anyone who has read Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile knows, the best way to travel up the Nile is by boat — so of course that’s what we did.  We used Luxor as our starting point and then working our way south toward Aswan aboard a river cruiser that may not have been as […]

We climbed a hill!

The ancient city of Edinburgh nestles among the rocky crags of extinct volcanoes.  The castle sits atop one of them.  The other most prominent crag is known as Arthur’s Seat and it rises above the city some 800+ feet.  Its name colorfully evokes Arthurian legend but the origin is actually unknown.  It could also be […]

First snow!

I woke up early this morning planning to spend the day at my desk toiling at a big project for work that is making life, well less happy and balanced than I would like. But I saw something odd on my alarm (which shows the weather) — could it be?! Yes, it was! So I […]

Table Rock

When everyone feels stir crazy but not yet ready for more left-overs, you head to the hills to stand in the wind and watch the sun set.