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Horses and creeks and rocks and sticks and cousins!

This is the stuff Huntsville memories are made of.


I’ve written about Huntsville before — this place of childhood and grandparents so dear to the  Davis-McKay family heart.  I hadn’t been here in summer for years, and I took some time after the funeral to wander around the property, exploring the ways it had changed and hadn’t changed at all.  It’s not home, but […]

Puerto Rico – Beach day!

We only have two full days in Puerto Rico.  Since we spent the whole first day eating food and touring the old city, we devoted all of today to the beach.  Well, to the beach and eating food. Puerto Rico is home to many famous beaches, including the celebrated Playa Flamenco — reputed to be […]

Wedding in the San Juans

Justin’s brother’s best friend Jenna got married this weekend at her now-husband’s family’s house on San Juan Island.  The whole family went along to be supportive, and I was invited too.  I didn’t know anyone there other than the Keyes family, but I’m glad I went. The San Juan Islands are one of the most […]

Labor Day!

Labor Day was forecast to be excellent weather, so Justin and I decided to take advantage of it and go for a hike.  We picked Little Si, a 4.7 mile hike not too far from downtown Seattle. The trail wasn’t difficult. Most of it passed through lush green forest. The epitome of the Cascades. We […]

The Hike: Backpacking the White Pass – Pilot Ridge Loop

Two weekends ago I took a day off work and went backpacking in the Northern Cascades with two of my best friends from law school.  Amy flew in from DC, and Kristin flew up from El Paso.  We spent Friday night running last-minute errands to REI and the grocery store, and then left first thing. […]

Memorial Day Weekend at Whistler

Memorial Day weekend!  I’ve always thought of this weekend as the first weekend of summer, when the days are warm and long, and you have an extra day to get out and enjoy the weather before it gets hot.  Memorial Day is not quite so summery here in the Pacific Northwest (that won’t really come until July), but with […]