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Someplace arctic

Ten hour flight to San Francisco on an ancient United Airlines plane. “It’s being retired next week,” the flight attendant cheerily announced.  No personalized entertainment screens. No power station at the seats.  And halfway through they replaced the action movies with cat videos. I kid you not. So I got a ton of work done, […]


Let’s say you were chopped to the ground, uprooted, flown across the Atlantic, and buried in foreign soil.  How long would it take before you dusted yourself off and pressed on with your life?  As you think about your answer, please consider that it has taken my shamrock less than a week (see the story). […]

Sunsets and sushi in Seattle

Impromptu midweek date nights are the best. Especially when you know that in three more days you’ll be back on opposite sides of the Atlantic. We bagged the usual work-night routine (which now that one of us lives in London is neither usual nor routine) in favor of a stroll through the Olypic Sculpture Park […]

Horses and creeks and rocks and sticks and cousins!

This is the stuff Huntsville memories are made of.


I’ve written about Huntsville before — this place of childhood and grandparents so dear to the  Davis-McKay family heart.  I hadn’t been here in summer for years, and I took some time after the funeral to wander around the property, exploring the ways it had changed and hadn’t changed at all.  It’s not home, but […]

Puerto Rico – Beach day!

We only have two full days in Puerto Rico.  Since we spent the whole first day eating food and touring the old city, we devoted all of today to the beach.  Well, to the beach and eating food. Puerto Rico is home to many famous beaches, including the celebrated Playa Flamenco — reputed to be […]

Wedding in the San Juans

Justin’s brother’s best friend Jenna got married this weekend at her now-husband’s family’s house on San Juan Island.  The whole family went along to be supportive, and I was invited too.  I didn’t know anyone there other than the Keyes family, but I’m glad I went. The San Juan Islands are one of the most […]