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New York & DC – Two Snow Whites

Last night after seeing Tribes, we realized that the night was still young (it was only 9:45pm).  So we ran back up to the movie theater at Lincoln Square and caught a screening of Mirror Mirror, the new Snow White movie with Julia Roberts and a handful of other interesting people.  (And yes, if you’re keeping […]

Croatia – Zagreb

We didn’t actually do that much in Zagreb. We got into town relatively late in the evening, and so pretty much everything was closed. Plus, it was rainy and cold, and we knew that we would have to get up around 4:30am to get me to the airport in time for my flight back to […]

Croatia – Dubrovnik

I am sitting in a dimly (but bright greenly) lit internet cafe in Dubrovnik, on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia.  I have about thirty minutes to write before I have to pay again, which would be fine except that the keyboard is pretty unusual and it is taking me longer to write than normal.  For […]

Croatia – Driving Adventures

It’s been great traveling by car during this trip — QN’s little BMW is a nice little car, and I’ve really enjoyed the independence that it’s given us.  At first, I admit, I was a little worried that having a car would mean missing out on good travel adventure stories.  (Nothing like a van-ful of […]

Croatia – Split

After our grueling hike around the lakes, we headed into Split, a coastal town famous for being the site of Diocletian’s palace — the retirement home of one of the later Roman emperors.  He built a giant palace on the shore and, over the centuries, the city grew up around — and in — the […]

Croatia – Plitvice Photos

Map of the park Niko et moi, consultant le plan du parc (on n’arrivait pas a trouver la sortie)

Croatia – Plitvice National Park

My last email got us to Croatia and my encounter with Croatian law enforcement and someone else’s encounter with the grill of an oncoming truck.  What I left out between those two episodes was a day of hiking in Croatia’s Plitvice National Park.  Back when we were planning this trip, I had asked Quynh-Nhu and Nikolas […]

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