Las Vegas – Quasi en vacances

Welp, I made it.  After a hectic Saturday morning (ballet class! packing! cleaning the apartment!) I settled into my seat for a flight to Las Vegas.  The layover in Houston ended up being a few hours longer than expected due to a mechanical failure.  The crowd was jolly, though, and I made friends with a middle-aged woman who had spent time in Guatemala and who was coming back from New York, where she’d spent an impromptu ten days after having missed her flight to Barcelona due to Hurricane Sandy.  For a while it looked like we’d have to spend the night in Houston (the airline even trotted out refreshments for us, which you know if a bad sign), but then all of a sudden the problem was fixed and we were on our way.  Whew.

This first day of vacation was very un-vacationlike.  I got up early and went outside to work for a few hours on the patio . . .

This would be a perfect patio for a water feature with fish

and then went to church, where I am known as my parents’ “bow tie son.”  During sacrament meeting we heard a substantively strong but presentationally weak talk about happiness, followed by a substantively weak but presentationally strong talk about the “tender mercies” of the Lord.  Also, for the first time ever, I actually plugged my ears in the middle of sacrament meeting in an effort to block out the noise and chaos of unruly little children.

I ditched out of church after sacrament meeting to keep working — the theory being that I might as well work while my parents are otherwise engaged and thereby free myself up later in the day when they’d be free.  I worked quickly and got quite a bit done by the time they were home. 

After that, it was time for dinner and Lady’s birthday party.  I put away the computer and enjoyed the celebrations and the Davis chocolate frosting.  Mmm.

Turning 5700 years old today — so ancient!


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    …the patio sans fish…and it's 50 100…the frosting was delish! Lady


  2. Hope you ate a big piece for me!


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