And lo, the glory of the air conditioners did bless the lives of all who dwelt therein

We’ve now had officially, what, three days in a row of actual summer weather in Seattle? They’ve been fantastic days, for sure—I can’t get enough of the sun and sky and garden—and it looks like more is on the way!

But the loveliness of Seattle summer days is balanced by the misery of Seattle summer nights, where the wind inevitably dies away and I’m left sweltering sleeplessly in my bower, shaking my fist at the absurd Seattle myth that claims it never gets hot enough here to need air conditioning.

But no more of that for moi! When I moved to London three years ago and listed my place on Airbnb, I thought the last thing I needed was a bunch of bad reviews from out-of-towners who wouldn’t understand the local charm of roasting all night. So I got a couple of mobile air conditioning units—I have no idea if anyone actually ever used them, I am delighted to have them still waiting for me in the back of my closets.

Praised be. I’ve had these puppies cranked up so high I had to pull out a sweatshirt and blanket! And while they are roughly as loud as small aircraft taking off, I just shove in the earplugs and sleep like a baby.


  1. This is hilarious. You know it only rains in Seattle, right?! Never gets hot here?!

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    1. Ha! Exactly—never gets hot!

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  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    AC is glorious!!


  3. VANESSA · · Reply

    I did realize places in Seattle didnt come with central AC

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    1. Nope! It’s quite rare.


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