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We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave . . .

. . . the temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising, she certainly can can-can. Okay, so there’s no can-can as far as I can see, but we certainly are having a heat wave. In the news it’s being declared the “longest, strongest heat wave of the summer“, the temperature maps for the area are all screaming red, […]


Okay, so the question on everyone’s mind since Saturday is, Where has polo been all my life?  Seriously.  It’s like all of the best things about a football game (fun ambiance, good friends, outdoors), only there are horses instead of football, people wear blazers with pocket squares instead of fan jerseys, and the foodstand sells fine Italian […]

Leaps and turns (or, Why we go to the ballet)

There’s nothing like ballet for revealing the astonishing beauty of disciplined athleticism.  Take, for example, the ABT’s performance of Le Corsaire tonight at the Kennedy Center.  In Act II, our eponymous pirate hero hides out in his grotto with his slave and his captured Greek girl, both of whom (thanks to the inevitable logic of ballet) proceed to dance […]

Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

My alarm went off this morning at 5:00am.  A few minutes later I was eating a bowl of oatmeal and checking the weather report.  I warmed up and stretched and pulled on my running gear (and then pulled it off, and back on, going through every possible permutation of shorts/tights/shirt/jacket/gloves before finally coming back to the outfit I’d originally planned […]

Hard at work (it’s a good thing no one can see what I’m actually typing)

By some magical shift in the stars, all of the projects I’m working on have managed to go into a lull at the same time.  The lull will end tomorrow, and I’m sure the rest of the week will be perfectly busy, but for now it’s a sunny Tuesday afternoon, I’m at work, and I’m BORED.  So […]

Ambiguous Debussy

Last night Amy invited me to an evening of music and conversation.  It was put on by Grinnell College (where Amy did her undergraduate studies) and the format was a mix between concert, lecture and salon (in the 18th Century French sense of a social gathering where smart people sit around and entertain each other by being […]

Spring break weekend

What do Cancun and DC have in common?  Spring breakers.  Cancun gets the party-wild college kids; DC gets the school groups.  They arrive in giant charter buses and troop through the city in matching t-shirts while learning about Our Nation’s Capitol.  Oh, to be a student with regular buit-in vacations!  Normally spring just rolls right by me — […]