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Well, I’ve joined the Peloton bandwagon. This is what happens when you realise that two years of pandemic DoorDash orders have not been kind but still cannot even with the never-ending chilly grey Seattle weather that makes outdoor cardio such a drag. So the “gallery” hall that leads to the roof will double as home […]


The insane pace of work since March finally seems to be shifting ever so slightly. I came into this weekend expecting to work straight through, and that was certainly true for Saturday. But today? I monitored email but otherwise had the day to myself. The two highlights of the day: First was getting a proper […]

Two good things

We’ve been on lockdown now for four weeks now, and I’ve been working 16-18 hour days for most of that, weekends included. The two things are related and there’s no end in sight for either. But two other things help me feel a tiny bit human notwithstanding: First, I got a haircut today! After the […]

Three Peaks Challenge: Mount Snowdon

We drove through the night from the Lake District in northwestern England to Snowdownia in northern Wales.  We were sweaty and sore from the two previous hikes, and I dearly wished to sleep.  Alas, it was at best a night of fitful dozing. At 4am we arrived at the base of Mount Snowdon, the last […]

Crossfit, Concertos and Acrobats

It’s Monday morning and so far every single person I’ve met has asked me, “Did you do anything fun last weekend?”  Well, yes, I did.  For one, I competed in the first round of the Crossfit Open, which is the qualifying competition for the Reebok Crossfit Games.  I obviously have zero pretention to actually being competitive […]

The Ride: Seattle to Redmond, plus seals!

Okay, so it’s already the middle of August and I’ve done basically zero cycling this summer.  I’d meant to ride more, but, you know, first it was cold, then I went to Japan, then I had to get a bike  tune-up and buy a house.  But all of that is done now (or at least […]

Weekend in Colorado

Following closely on the heels of my trip to Seattle, I flew out to Colorado for some meetings at the US Olympic Committee.  The USOC is based in Colorado Springs, which is only an hour south of Denver.  Naturally I took advantage of the adjacent weekend to explore the area and play with Amanda and […]

26 hours in El Paso

A few weeks ago my friend Amy told me that she and Kristin (our mutual friend who lives in El Paso, Texas) were planning a week-long backpacking trip to a place called Big Bend — a national park along the border in western Texas.  They wanted to know if I was interested in joining them. […]

Strong(ish) man

Happy MLK Day, folks.  Hooray for a day off another workday! While other people celebrated civil rights and gorgeous January weather (think sunny and mid-fifties), I stayed at home and worked on projects for clients that don’t observe the holiday.  But I did manage to get out long enough for a noon-time workout.  It was deadlift […]

The Ride: Bogus Basin

Boise claims to be a cycling town.  in the interest of getting in shape for the big ride at the end of the month, I decided to put it to the test.  Last week I hunted around for a bike shop that would rent me a good road bike.  Idaho Mountain Touring was the only shop […]

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