Good friends, good food, and some very beginning ballet

Remember my little rant last week about friends and flakiness and sitting at home watching movies alone?  Well, I’m happy to say that this weekend went much more smoothly.


Yesterday morning dawned chilly and bright.  I got up early and checked my work email — a slew of documents had come in overnight that needed attention.  Fortunately, the review was quick and didn’t require any follow-up from me.  A good thing, too, since I had planned to meet up with Amy for another ballet class and brunch. 

This was my first drop-in ballet class that since completing missing nearly all of my “Intro to Ballet” class last month.  The couple of classes I did attend paid off, though!  This time, at least, I knew the positions and some of the basic foot movements, which helped me get through the class with marginally less stress and bewilderment than the first time.  (And by marginally less stress, I mean very marginally — the teacher still exclaimed, upon seeing my shoulders, “You are one stressed out lawyer! Lower these!”  And I had just congratulated myself on how non-stressed I thought I looked in the mirror…)

After class ended Amy and I stopped for brunch at Cafe Deluxe, near the National Cathedral.  It was a cute neighborhood diner with a good basic menu and quick service.

Omelette with feta, spinach and tomatoes;
breakfast potatoes and biscuit


Later that night, I met Nicole for dinner at Mintwood Place.  Nicole is a very good friend who goes all the way back to my days at the Kennedy Center.  In fact, she’s the person they hired to replace me when I left for law school.  She’s one of the most positive, talented and coolest people I know, and she’s had a meteoric career at the Kennedy Center — in the eight years she’s been there, and all by the age of 30, she’s done incredibly good work and become one of the top fundraisers at the Kennedy Center.  Sometimes I wonder if I could have done similarly well had I stayed at the Kennedy Center, but then I get sad when I realize that if I’d stayed at the Kennedy Center, Nicole wouldn’t have been hired and I would have missed out on a great friendship.

Anyway, it had been several months since Nicole and I last saw each other — we were both so busy during the fall — so it was great to be able to catch up on each other’s lives (the common theme: we work too much!) and enjoy some delicious food!

Grilled baby octopus with rouille sauce, cheese crisps and asparagus

Cast-iron Amish chicken with green beans, roasted garlic and rosemary

Apple tarte a la mode

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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Fun, I remember Nicole! We went to the “the Bucket List” together. Lady


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