The insane pace of work since March finally seems to be shifting ever so slightly. I came into this weekend expecting to work straight through, and that was certainly true for Saturday. But today? I monitored email but otherwise had the day to myself.

The two highlights of the day: First was getting a proper workout in a gym for the first time since leaving London in March. All the gyms in Seattle are still closed, but outlying towns are starting to open—and since a friend of mine happens to own a gym out in Bothell, I signed up for a slot as soon as I leaned my Sunday morning meetings were canceled. Nine weeks of high stress, poor diet, and physical inactivity have taken their toll. I’m down 15 pounds, and my strength and endurance have basically evaporated. So I stuck to light weights and was plenty challenged. But what a great feeling to move again!

Second highlight was dinner on the roof. The forecast had been for steady rain, but in late afternoon the sun came out and the rest of the evening was gorgeous. We grilled chicken, brats, zucchini, squash, and apricots for dessert. And since we had set up the patio heater, we were able to stayed cozy while the sun went down and it got cold again.

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  1. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    Oh my gosh, you didn’t have 15 pounds to lose! …reminds me of your time at NYU…
    But rooftop patio dinners at sunset are devine!


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