I spent most of last week in Denver doing site visits within our logistics network. We do these periodically to make sure we (the legal team) stay grounded in the physical reality of world operations, as opposed to the Ivory tower of the corporate headquarters.

My favourite part was a training centre for drivers, which provided simulations and coaching for a range of challenging situations. For example a platform for practicing how to walk on ice without falling over.

The weather while we were there was rainy and cold—much more “seattle“ than the typically sunny Colorado. And although it was good to get out in the field and spend time with colleagues, the reality is that it was a stressful of balancing all the demands of my day job in the margins and during the early mornings and late nights. The sorts of light and unreasonable clients who make e question why I continue as a lawyer.

But the week ended, as they always do, and I had the treat of going out to Littleton and spending Friday night and Sunday morning with Amanda. We talked about all the things and it was good to remember that life is bigger than work and the tunnel vision that stress can bring. On Saturday morning we meet up with two more friends for a lively brunch in a former mortuary before heading back to our ordinary lives.

I made it home just in time to meet Amy for a performance by the the Canadian dance company Rubberband. And the weather in seattle is extraordinarily summer-like and my garden is thriving. So while the stress of work remains present, the world feels okay and I’m glad to be home.


  1. Your garden looks gorgeous!


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  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Lunch in a mortuary…interesting.
    Your rooftop garden is looking great!


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