Planning, plus dance and a movie

I had intended to go to Greenwich this weekend to see the Royal Observatory, the Prime Meridian, and whatever else there is to see. But last weekend’s cold, wet excursion, combined with literally everyone around me being sick, has got me perilously close to being sick. So I’ve kicked into mind-over-matter mode and am taking no chances: vitamin C and zinc every day, as much sleep as possible, and staying wrapped indoors. The results so far are, well, middling…

So no adventures with the Prime Meridian this weekend. Instead, I consoled myself with planning — and I may have set a personal record with planning four whole trips in one go: A work trip to Luxembourg next week, a short weekend in New York at the beginning of April, and two long bank holiday weekends in May (one to Scotland, one to Cornwall). I admit that booking on the blitz is not a great way to save money, but then again my Dad always said that you don’t go on trip to save money… (spoiler: I’ll be staying in a castle on the Cornish coast!)

But weekends planned are not yet weekends lived, and I still had to hold up my bargain of doing something interesting. So this weekend that consisted first of a dance performance at Sadlers Wells, where the group BalletBoyz performed two new works, including an expanded version of Us by Christopher Wheeldon (reaffirming his position as my favorite choreographer) . . .

. . . followed by an opening-weekend screening of Captain Marvel, which I appreciated as an aspiringly feminist superhero movie on the weekend following International Women’s Day (and which apparently is required reading before the next installment of the Avengers End of Days movie).

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