Wait a sec, there was more to Copenhagen

I just realized I never wrote about the rest of my time in Copenhagen!  Let’s see what I can remember…

First, the towers were weird.  Well, not “weird”, but definitely different from what I’m used to seeing in France and the UK — more Eastern European feeling.  Gave the town a more exotic feel than I had expected.

Followed by the Danish history museum.  I only made it through the ground floor exhibits — basically prehistory through the Vikings, because let’s be honest, that bog mummies and horned helmets are SO very Danish — before ditching out to eat beautiful smorrebrod in the cafe and visit with Dave and Mac, two friends from Seattle who are insane Lego fans on a Lego pilgrimage.

Then I basically just wandered around eating lasagna . . .


. . . and noticing all the cyclists (but failing to photograph them effectively) . . .


. . . until I stumbled upon a garden and, well, stayed there until it was time to go back to the hotel.

I changed clothes, took a quick nap, and then headed back out for dinner at Host, a buzzy gastronomical hot spot known for its new Danish cool cuisine, which vaguely seems to refer to new takes on traditional dishes using organic, local, sustainably grown ingredients.  What I appreciated most was that there were only two options on the menu (3 courses or 5) and it was all delicious and beautiful.

And to top it all off, the high maintenance French couple next to me provided endless entertainment that I reported in real time to Amanda via text message.  I particularly enjoyed when, half-way through the dinner, the woman suddenly decided she urgently needed to sit at a table next to a cute plant.  Despite the fact that all of the tables were obviously full of people.  Still, she asked the server and was politely told no.  Then she got cold and put her boyfriend’s coat on, but since that was a bit too warm, she asked the server if they could please open the doors and windows and turn the air conditioning on.  Which they did.  Le sigh.

Anyway.  That’s basically it for Copenhagen.


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  1. Vanessa · · Reply

    Open the doors and windows AND turn the A/C? Come on! They aren’t helping the French reputation…


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