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Container Gardens, Year 3 – Focus on color and texture

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons.  The days are long and bright and warm, and I get to plant my balcony gardens.  I finished all my planting about a month ago and have enjoyed watching them grow.  Every morning I sit on the balcony to eat a piece of fruit and soak in the colors and […]

Chicago – Flowers and fish (and tiny little dinosaurs)

Saturday morning dawned clear and beautiful.  What better way to enjoy a perfect spring day in Chicago than by visiting a flower show at the Lincoln Park Conservatory? Their spring gardens were exquisite with their foxgloves and lilies . . . and astilbe, geraniums, daffodils and hydrangea. The orchid room was a valiant attempt but […]

Denver – Sweet familiarity

Welp, I made it to Denver.  The trip went fine — but talk about over the river and through the woods!  At 6:45am we were still sitting in the New York conference room negotiating, and I was starting to despair of catching the 8:00am train back to DC.  But then the partner leaned over and […]


There’s nothing like fresh-cut flowers to make getting ready in the morning a joy.  My favorites are star-gazer lilies — it’s basically impossible to have too many! With star-gazers in the bathroom, my whole apartmentsmells like a florist’s shop.

Elijah Fish

Remember these guys?  Rainbow, Goldie and Ralph (so named by my nieces and nephew in Boise) have been my faithful companions these six months.  Being the talented goldfish they are, they have performed their piscine duties of being pretty and not dying with remarkable diligence — even when I abandoned them to the negligent care of […]


Adding to my success with late-summer blooms, I’m delighted to see that my jasmine plant has blossomed again.  The plant had blossomed once earlier in the summer, but I was in Morocco and so was unable to enjoy the flowers and their scent.  I was afraid I’d missed my chance  — but no!  There are a handful of buds […]

Labor Day

Labor Day is one of the better holidays for visiting DC — you get the benefit of a holiday (no commuter traffic, parking regulations aren’t enforced) but it’s late enough in the year that the masses of tourists are gone (yay!).  This means we had the place essentially to ourselves. Capitol TourWe started with a tour […]