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Seattle Anniversary (and Housewarming!)

Can you believe it has been a year since I moved to Seattle?  Exactly one year ago today, I set out from DC to drive across the country to my new home.  I had never lived in Seattle, and I knew no one.  I had accepted a job that I had hoped would give me back my evenings and weekends, and I was betting […]

The House: Moving Day!

Finally, at long last, and FOR PETE’S SAKE, I moved into my new place today!  I technically have another month before I need to be out of my old place, and I had hoped to paint and redo some light fixtures (and maybe trim some more moss?) before moving in, but apparently Lesson No. 1 […]

Big News

I’M HAVING A BABY!!! Just kidding.  That would be super weird and kind of biologically impossible.  But given that this news has prompted my parents (who don’t travel except for grandchildren) to start planning a trip to visit me, I guess it’s basically the same thing.  So here’s the real news: I’M BUYING A HOUSE!!! […]

Camping no more

So my last post from almost TWO WEEKS AGO left you with a pretty bleak picture:  Yours truly coming home from a crazy new job to an empty apartment, where I had nothing but a sleeping bag and a bicycle to protect me from the bitter elements, and where the lack of Internet and lamps […]

Urban camping

Well, I’m here.  Seattle!  My new home. Scratch that.  Seattle is where I now live, but it’s not quite home yet.  For one thing, while I have an apartment, I don’t have anything to put in that apartment.  I’m literally sleeping on the floor and eating with paper plates.  If all goes well, the movers […]

The Ride: Going to the Sun Road

Even if you’ve never heard of Kalispell, Montana, you’ve probably heard of Glacier National Park. It’s one of those places that has a way of turning up on calendars and post cards — all snowy peaks and sapphire lakes and lush green valleys — but it’s so remote that you’ll never get there unless you […]

Another day in Kalispell

I had originally planned to spend only one night in Kalispell.  The movers were scheduled to deliver my furniture and things early on Friday, so I needed to get to Seattle on Thursday night.  BUT THEN a vast right-wing conspiracy forced the movers to change the delivery date to next Tuesday, leaving me with no […]