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True love conquers all (especially if you’re a vampire)

For the past few years I’ve had seasons tickets to the Kennedy Center’s modern dance season, but this year I opted for the ballet season instead.  Largely inspired by my own forays into the genre, I wanted more exposure to the discipline, athleticism and rigorous aesthetics of classical dance.  And, I’m not going to lie, I wanted to […]

Shen Wei Dance Arts (or, How modern dance can get out of your comfort zone on a Friday night)

Picture this:  You walk into an all-white room that has been heated to approximately 87 degrees Fahrenheit.  On the floor are three rows of square white mats with things on them.  Things like lucite blocks, giant rubber bands, naked people, puddles of paint, piles of hair.  You walk amongst those mats feeling hot and a […]

Best dance concert of the season

Monica Bill Barnes & Company performed last night at the Kennedy Center.  It was, hands down, the most fun I’ve had at a dance performance all year.  The choreography was fresh and full of humor and contagious enthusiasm.  The dancers exuded personality and, by the end of the show, I wanted to be best friends with all of them.   It helped, […]

Chicago – The Joffrey does Othello

The Chicago cultural scene has more than just fantastic architecture.  It’s also got one of the leading American ballet companies, the Joffrey Ballet, and we were thrilled to discover that our trip fell during their run of Othello.  We got to the theatre early and settled into our seats . . .   moi, Amanda […]

Leaps and turns (or, Why we go to the ballet)

There’s nothing like ballet for revealing the astonishing beauty of disciplined athleticism.  Take, for example, the ABT’s performance of Le Corsaire tonight at the Kennedy Center.  In Act II, our eponymous pirate hero hides out in his grotto with his slave and his captured Greek girl, both of whom (thanks to the inevitable logic of ballet) proceed to dance […]

Hard at work (it’s a good thing no one can see what I’m actually typing)

By some magical shift in the stars, all of the projects I’m working on have managed to go into a lull at the same time.  The lull will end tomorrow, and I’m sure the rest of the week will be perfectly busy, but for now it’s a sunny Tuesday afternoon, I’m at work, and I’m BORED.  So […]

Spring break weekend

What do Cancun and DC have in common?  Spring breakers.  Cancun gets the party-wild college kids; DC gets the school groups.  They arrive in giant charter buses and troop through the city in matching t-shirts while learning about Our Nation’s Capitol.  Oh, to be a student with regular buit-in vacations!  Normally spring just rolls right by me — […]