Tonight: Modern dance and surprise packing

So.  Lar Lubovitch.  His dance company performed at the Kennedy Center tonight, and I saw it.  This was my first time seeing his work, and I really liked it.  The choreography was beautiful and fun, fairly intense.  Not quite transcendant in the way that Mark Morris was, but still a wonderful artistic treat.

With our season’s tickets, Amy and I were ideally placed
to get the full effect of the “dance poster” moments in the
choreography.  Sadly, this is the only photo I could find of a
piece that was on tonight’s program.

The other thing that happened tonight went as follows (and I paraphrase):

Partner: [calling at 5:30pm on Friday]  Hi.  Do you have time to help on a high-profile project that may be the biggest deal of its sort ever done?  It would entail flying to New York tomorrow morning first thing.

Me:  Umm, okay.

Partner:  Great.  We won’t know if we’re going until 3:00am.  But you should buy a plane ticket and pack for several days just in case.  If we go, I’ll fill you in on the details during the flight.

Thus work resumes its usual pace.  Weekend plans are all now potentially on hold and I’m debating whether I pack everything now, or just pack quickly at 5:30am when the partner will give the yay/nay signal.  The upside is that this this project actually sounds super interesting — it’s the sort of sports media work that I like doing, and it’s with one of the more prominent lawyers in the firm.  And with the other deal having just died on Thursday, I seem to have that rare alignment of the stars where I can actually take on a big new project without absolutely killing myself. 

Stay tuned…


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Key words, “without absolutely killing myself”. This I want to see… Lady


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