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The Ride: Mason Neck

This morning dawned grey and chilly and very humid.  I wasn’t exactly ready to get up, but I’d agreed to meet up with some friends from the ward for a Saturday morning bike ride.  We left a little after 7:00am and returned right before 11am, and in the intervening three-ish hours we made it down […]

Memorial Day – Cycling, sailing, custard, crabs

Memorial Day was a full day of outdoor fun.  Mark, a friend from church, invited a bunch of people down to his parents’ house on the water at Breton Bay, a tributary of the Potomac River near where it feeds into the Chesapeake Bay.  It was a multi-stage affair:  A group of guys (and one […]

The Ride: Slow and steady will still get you to the top of the mountain and back

One of the risks of going to dance concerts that are only 45 minutes long is that you’ll end up getting home in time to pick up your bike from the shop before it closes.  Next thing you know, it’s Saturday morning and you’re out on another 100 mile bike ride with those crazy triathlete friends […]

The Ride: Impromptu Century

So this happened today: For full stats, you can click on the link in the “Garmin Connect” widget in the lower right-hand column of this blog. How, you ask?  Simple:  I got on a bike at 6:30am and didn’t get off again until 1:30pm.  (Okay, okay, so I did get off a couple of times in between — […]

The Ride: Spring and Sting

Those of you who read this blog and live in DC know just how cold and horrible this spring has been.  Months of rain and gray and cold; the cherry blossoms delayed so long they basically missed the festival.  Seriously, we might as well have moved to Minnesota. But the past week and a half, or so, […]

Las Vegas – Red Rock Canyon

If at first you think it’s gonna kill you, do it again (because it won’t) and then go home and check your stats (because they’ll tell you why it felt so hard).  That’s the take-away from today’s ride through Red Rock Canyon.  Red Rock Canyon is on the outskirts of Las Vegas, and it’s famous for its eponymous […]

Las Vegas – Bike!

I’m experimenting with destination cycling this week. Rather than spend all week in the balmy desert weather wishing I had my bike, I decided to just shop my bike out here and ride all week. The first half of the adventure happened last weekend, when I had my local bike shop in Northern Virginia teach […]