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Egypt in New York

Having just traveled through Egypt (and visited the Egyptian wing of the British Museum), I couldn’t not make a pilgrimage to the Met Museum’s famous Egyptian collection. In particular, I wanted to see the Temple of Dendur.  I remembered feeling awed by it when I visited years ago, and I wanted to see it again […]

Tokyo (last day) – Tokyo National Museum

Our last day in Tokyo was rainy and gray.  We packed our bags, but our flight wasn’t until 7:00 pm.  What to do until then? Well, first thing:  breakfast at Denny’s.  You might wonder why we would choose for our last meal in the food Mecca that is Tokyo an American chain that we would […]

Vanessa in DC

Vanessa flew in from Chicago last night and is staying with me for a weekend in DC.  I think she had planned the trip in hopes of seeing the famous cherry blossoms but, alas, the weather has been cold enough that almost none of the trees are in bloom.  At least the sun finally came […]

Weekend in Seattle

The other day I flew out to Seattle for some meetings at Amazon and managed to tack on a day after the meetings to explore the town.  I hadn’t been to Seattle since I was in high school, and I’d forgotten what a cool place it is.  The first day, when I was in meetings, […]

Birthday weekend, part 2 – Exploring Brooklyn

Like I said, by the time we finally turned out the lights on Friday night, it was well past 3:00am.  For some reason this prompted Amanda to ask if we needed to set an alarm and wouldn’t it be nice to just sleep in for a while?  Fortunately, I saw through this trick question (it was actually […]

Planes, paintings and long-lost relatives

Here’s a question from the “which Romantic hero(ine) are you” department:  Have you ever moved across the country to where you think you are completely without kindred, only to discover that, in fact, you’ve got cousins in the neighborhood — and that you’ve already met them?  I have.  Turns out that plot point in Jane […]