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I’m in York!

It’s the August bank holiday weekend! And unlike last year when I didn’t even know it was a thing, this time I was ready. My alarm went off at 5:30am. I hit snooze and woke up before it buzzed again feeling way more refreshed than I usually do after just one snooze. What a great […]

Turkey Bowl with the Elders Quorum

Okay, so the Elders Quorum president at church (who is also my home teacher — the same who skateboards to Sunday meetings and refers to me as “dude” and “bro” and assumes I went to “the Cougs” for college — we’re basically from different planets) sent me an email tonight inviting me to join a game of flag […]

Sunday Touring

So, day two of Heather’s visit to DC:  We started out with 9am church meetings, which consisted of Fast & Testimony Meeting (for which we did not fast) and a debate-heavy Sunday School class regarding the meaning of the word “covenant” (there are, after all, lots of lawyers in this ward).  After a little socializing […]

Nephi and Naaman

I had the missionaries over for dinner tonight.  Interestingly, it’s the first time since I got home from my own mission 11 years ago that I’ve fed the missionaries; it’s only the second time since then that I’ve spoken with them more than to say high in the hallways on Sunday.  I guess that’s one way that life in […]

Digital Parenthood

During my years in the church, I’ve seen many an unruly child disrupt a meeting.  Crying babies, tantrum-throwing toddlers, overly exuberant happy kids — they have a way of distracting teachers and learners and turning long meetings into never-ending tedium.  One of my least favorite moments in church is the few seconds that follow some toddlerian eruption, when […]

Directions in the digital age

Here’s a secret:  Deep down, Mormon missionaries who serve outside the United States try really hard not to think that they are better than the missionaries who stay stateside — because, even deeper down, they suspect that they really are better.  Like maybe physically or emotionally or psychologically or intellectually better.  Not spiritually better, though, because […]