A new set of wheels

After three great years of living car-free in London, I find myself back in the Land of the Free where cars are king and I need one. I had intended to buy a car that first week after my return, but I put it lower on my list of priorities than unpacking my ceramics and getting new bedding. I managed to do some shopping but by the time I set out to close the deal the governor was literally announcing the shutdown and I decided to let it be.

Fortunately the company paid for two months of a rental, which meant I was still able to get to the grocery store. But mostly I put it off and forgot about it. Maybe I subconsciously just wanted to get to elite status with my Enterprise membership. Or maybe I wished I could put the money toward art or travel (or more practically, the bathroom remodel I’m going to need to do soon to repair water damage).

But the salesperson was helpfully persistent and made sure I knew the minute they reopened enough to start selling again. Two weeks later I bit the bullet and bought the car.

That’s right, a Subaru. The quintessential Seattleite’s vehicle of choice. Reliable and safe and practical for when I need to bring home too many plants from the nursery or drag myself home after a 200-mile bike ride to Portland. Let’s see if I can make this one last as long as the little Kia I had before London!


  1. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    Very nice! And it’s name is…?


  2. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    …and is there a sun roof for small trees?


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