Progress at the little house: Yard work!

With all that’s been happening with construction inside the house, the yard has been sorely neglected. Spring snowstorms brought down big branches of the trees in back, and the front yard had achieved peak hay-field look. So this weekend’s project was to bring it al back from the brink of nature.

I asked if I could borrow the parents’ yard equipment and they went one better, offering to join me in a day of bucolic toil. I gratefully accepted and together we knocked it out in a surprisingly short amount of time. And in the process we met several more of the neighbors and may have been nominated to host next years neighborhood block party.

With the outside under control and the interior now painted and ready for floor installation this week, the house is starting to feel like it’s beginning to emerge ever so slightly from its chrysalis.




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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    It was quite the project: 4 hours of runner two weed whips, much raking and bagging of grass and tall weeds, hand pruning, mowing over lawn twice more bagging of grass, edging, blowing, and a trip to the land fill. Thankfully, it only sprinkled a little bit a few times. We accomplished A LOT.

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