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Finishing up Japan

Okay, I’ve finished writing up the rest of our stay in Japan.  I’ve slotted the posts in where they fit chronologically, so if you’re interested in seeing the photos or reading the stories, check out the links below. Kyoto Bike tour through Kyoto:  The Golden Pavillion, Ryoan-ji and the Bamboo Forest JD Kai Tasting Tour […]

Home again

When we flew to Seoul two weeks ago, I realized with a twinge of regret that we were spending the longest day of the year in an airplane.  Not only that, but because we were flying west, we were essentially losing most of the following day, too.  No summer barbecues or other celebration of the […]

Tokyo (last day) – Tokyo National Museum

Our last day in Tokyo was rainy and gray.  We packed our bags, but our flight wasn’t until 7:00 pm.  What to do until then? Well, first thing:  breakfast at Denny’s.  You might wonder why we would choose for our last meal in the food Mecca that is Tokyo an American chain that we would […]

Tokyo – Dinner at Ukai-tei Ginza

For our last night in Japan, to celebrate the conclusion of our trip and take one last moment to enjoy the glories that are Japanese cuisine, we went to dinner at Ukai-tei Ginza.  This Michelin-starred restaurant was just a few blocks from our hotel and despite our best efforts to get lost (and contrary to Michelin’s […]

Mount Fuji (Day 2) – Descent

What to people say about labor pains — about how after you’ve had the baby the whole ordeal somehow recedes and seems totally worth it?  Whatever it is, that’s basically how I felt when the sun rose on Mount Fuji.  I was tired and ornery and uncomfortable as hell, but the instant I walked outside […]

Mount Fuji (Day 1-2) – Overnight at the Eighth Station

As neat as it was to be on top of Mount Fuji, our visit was necessarily short.  It was just too cold, wet and windy to hang around up there.  Plus, with no views, it was kind of boring.  So when the Australian began to complain of the cold (he didn’t have the extra warm […]

Mount Fuji (Day 1) – Ascent and summit

When we decided to come to Japan this summer, I told Amanda that climbing Mount Fuji was my top priority on my list of must-do activities.  In fact, it was my only must-do activity.  Why?  Well, why not!  Although not the tallest or most difficult climb in the world, Mount Fuji ranks among the most […]

Back to Tokyo for a night!

I’m back in Tokyo! I know, I know, you’re all like “But what about those four days in Kyoto and when do we get to see pictures of the 47 temples you saw that all look basically the same?”   Relax!  They’re coming.  I promise.  For now, let’s just focus on what’s really important; namely, […]

Kyoto (Day 4) – Nanzen-ji

Today Amanda and I parted ways — she went west to spend a couple of days at a Buddhist temple in Koyasan; I returned to Tokyo to prep for a climb up Mount Fuji.  But before we went our separate ways, we had a few hours to squeeze in one last temple. We picked Nanzen-ji […]

Kyoto (Day 3) – Gion Corner and dinner at Aunbo

For performing-arts enthusiasts such as Amanda and I are, it isn’t enough just to see temples and gardens:  We always supplement that sort of sightseeing with cultural events, such as concerts, dance performances and theatre. We didn’t have time (and it wasn’t the right season) to take in these cultural events as they would ordinarily […]

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