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Eighteen people representing four generations, four states and two countries, all under one roof! The culinary winners? Justin’s yams and Lady’s apple pie. Love these people!

Uncling in Meridian

Thanksgiving week in Idaho! Justin went to work, and I got to play with the nieces and nephew and grandlady. My favorite lines of the day: “Uncle Jason, where’s all your hair going?” “Is the Queen nice? Does she wear yoga pants?” “Grandlady, you’re not old, you’re just wise!”

Boise weekend!

This time last week, I was on my way to the airport to catch a flight to Boise.  I’d found a good promotion on Alaska Air a few months ago and decided to seize the opportunity to shore up my position as the Favorite Uncle and catch up with my awesome twin sister. How did […]


For the first time in, gosh, how many years? I didn’t spend the month of December working around the clock to close a bunch of year-end deals. Instead, I had a great December full of sisterly visits, furniture shopping and — to top it all off — a white Christmas with my sibs and the […]

Stories to tell . . . later

Had a fantastic weekend, and I’ve got lots of photos and stories to share (spoiler: there are beaches and sequins and pecan cheesecake, among other things).  But it’s late and I’m tired — and, since I spent the weekend (mostly) playing instead of working (as much as I should have), I’m going to need to get an early start […]

Mudslides and peach cobbler

On Friday morning Mark and I drove up north to go hiking around Blue Lake and have lunch in McCall, Idaho.  He didn’t have class or work, and the weather was perfect; I was looking forward to a fun day in Nature with my brother.  Only we didn’t get there.  Roughly half-way between Boise and […]

Shae turns five

Thanks to a felicitous coincidence in the timing of my vacation, I was in Boise for Shae’s fifth birthday party.  We were both delighted that I could be part of the special occasion.  Legos featured prominently among the gifts An outdoor Lego pool that Barbie would have loved.I hadn’t realized the company had made such […]