Road trip!

Following my grandfather’s advice never to travel the same road twice, we took the long way back from Stanley to Boise.

First stop:  Some lake that I’ve forgotten the name of.  It was gorgeous and clear and we wanted to stay there all day.  If we’d had lawn chairs, we probably would have done . . .

. . . but since we did not have lawn chairs, we just took some excellent and highly artistic photos . . .

. . . and then hit the road again.  We paused at the top of Galena Pass and looked back down into the Salmon River Valley . . .

. . . and then continued on to Sun Valley.  The famous resort town was cute and ritzy and we arrived just in time for a tasty lunch at a place called The Kneadery.  Then we set out to visit the ski-related places that Justin remembered from a childhood full of skiing.  We started with the ski lodge . . .

. . . and then tried to find some other places that may or may not have existed (and which we did not find) before landing at the “red barn by the Catholic church” which according to locals is where all the tourists take their pictures.

After that we climbed back in the car and continued the road trip, which considering that we soon left the mountains and entered southern Idaho, was basically three more hours of barren desert.

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  1. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    We came home the same route you did. Sadly, we didn’t get to stop along the way. I thought the view from Galena Pass was spectacular, and thankfully clearer than the day before.


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