Strong(ish) man

Happy MLK Day, folks.  Hooray for a day off another workday!

While other people celebrated civil rights and gorgeous January weather (think sunny and mid-fifties), I stayed at home and worked on projects for clients that don’t observe the holiday. 

But I did manage to get out long enough for a noon-time workout.  It was deadlift day at Crossfit:  five sets of five repetitions, with the goal of increasing the weight for each set until you max out.  I set a new five-rep personal record with 200 pounds.  Holla!

Makes me think of something my trainer told me a few years ago when I first started lifting weights for real:  “It’s easy to get strong,” he said, “all you have to do is pick up heavy stuff off the ground.”  Well, given that I currently weigh in at a whopping 135 pounds, I think 200 pounds counts as heavy.  Maybe someday I’ll be strong!


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I think 200 pounds counts! Lady


  2. Tres bien fait !


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