Sunday Touring

So, day two of Heather’s visit to DC:  We started out with 9am church meetings, which consisted of Fast & Testimony Meeting (for which we did not fast) and a debate-heavy Sunday School class regarding the meaning of the word “covenant” (there are, after all, lots of lawyers in this ward).  After a little socializing in the hallway after church, we went home to break our non-fast with a dinner of spinach salad and pasta.  Then, as any right-thinking person does on a Sunday afternoon, we took a nap. 
But only a short one.
Twenty minutes later, we jumped in the car for a driving tour of my favorite DC neighborhoods.  We saw Georgetown (including the Georgetown University campus) and then ended up at the National Cathedral. 
When got kicked out of the cathedral so that evening services could start (and by “kicked out” I mean “invited to join the congregation”), we continued our driving tour down through the Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle neighborhoods, finally landing in front of the White House.  At this point we asked a person with a slightly crooked eye to take a picture of us.
We tried to walk around back to see the South Lawn of the White House, but the Powers That Be shut everything down and chased everyone away right as we got there.  So we went and saw the World War II Memorial.  It’s one of the newer monuments on the National Mall and, in my view, one of the cooler ones.  I like all the water.
The WWII Memorial is in between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.  The views of each are great from there.
Once we’d seen the WWII Memorial it was time to go home:  We needed to dress for dinner at the J&G Steakhouse.  The steak was as delicious as ever. 
During dinner, Heather’s phone delivered several flash flood warnings, and the deluge struck outside.  Fortunately, the service was like molasses, so there was plenty of time for it to blow over before we were done.  By the time we left, it was cool and humid, and perfect for a nighttime visit to the monuments.  We visited dear old Abe Lincoln and spent a while sitting on the steps contemplating the reflecting pool.
When the rain started again we hurried back to the car and went home to watch a few episodes of “New Girl” before bed.

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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    What a great day! Lady


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