A room with a view

After four years of working at a purportedly awesome address, I finally have visual proof of such awesomeness before my eyes.  Behold the view from my new office:

That’s the view down Pennsylvania Avenue to the left.  The Capitol Building is just barely out of sight, but the big grey thing with the tower is the old Post Office building.  Donald Trump just landed a contract to turn it into a fancy hotel (the Marriotts were muy miffed.) 
Now, if we swivel our heads to the right . . .

the view mid-swivel
We catch a glimpse of the Washington monument rising above the Ronald Reagan International Trade Building.  If this were an apartment instead of an office, this would count as “monument view” and the rent would be exorbitant.  But since it’s an office, all I have to do is work a gazillion hours to see it.
If you kept swiveling to the right (and if there weren’t a ledge and some trees that blocked the view), you’d see the White House two blocks away.  Hey Prez.
This is why you stay at a fancy law firm for four years:  So that after they stick you in a closet for the first year, a fishbowl for the second and third years, and a perfectly fine office with a view of the worst restaurant in DC for the fourth year, you FINALLY get to see cool buildings and trees as you go into your fifth year.


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    Excellent!! Lady


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