Life in the margins (plus, a shower curtain)

Oh man.  It’s been one of those months.  Way too much work, unrealistic deadlines, unpleasant clients — all of my time is still not enough.  Even if I’d been willing to pull all-nighters, the clients and partners would still have wanted more.  So, of course, my personal life has been pushed yet again to the margins.  Family, friends and church (not to mention sleep) have all been neglected.

I’ve taken to working from home so that I don’t have to lose time to dressing professionally, commuting to the office, or saying hi to people in the hallways.  I devote most of this “saved” time to working, but after a month of this my attention span is shot — so I take breaks during the day to keep myself going.  A short nap.  A quick bike ride.  An episode of “Dance Academy.”  Redecorating the bathroom.

That’s right — thanks to Jonathan Adler (who also happens to be the brother of my Art Law professor at NYU), the shower curtain drama has been resolved.  My Moroccan rug and ceramics can finally settle into their new home.  Lots of bold colors and patterns here.  I kind of love it.


It somehow feels Edith Wharton-like to
keep fresh flowers in the bathroom
That’s an air plant that Amanda brought
when she stayed with me this summer


  1. I like it! I think the busy patterns work, I love the lighter-colored towels in particular, and I like the air plant's new home.

    It does, however, feel like the bunny's been demoted. Poor bunny.


  2. Looks fabulous! Congrats on getting something you love.


  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Really nice update! Lady


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