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I’m in Madrid!

Two days of work, then a day and a half of exploring (and also probably some work). It’ll be 100 degrees and sunny everyday–finally some summer!!

Barcelona, Day 3 – Flamenco

We had tickets tonight to see a flamenco concert at the Palau de la Musica Catalana.  The primary motivation was to see the interior of the concert hall, especially the famous stained glass ceiling.  They were impressive in their fanciful, Modernista way, but clearly designed by someone more interested in making a pretty building than […]

Barcelona, Day 3 – Beach, glorious beach

Beach day today!  We took our time in the morning, had a leisurely breakfast and then took the metro to the Barceloneta beach.  By 11am we had rented an umbrella and a pair of lawn chairs from an African man in a Mets hat and were set for the day.  The weather was perfect (mid-80s with a light breeze and […]

Barcelona, Day 2 – Dinner at Hisop

If you’re alive and have taste buds, you can’t help loving the food scene in Barcelona.  The city has great restaurants — unlike our experience in Paris, we found that even the places where we walked in from the street without further research have been decent.  So if the run-of-the-mill places are good, just imagine what the real stars […]

Barcelona, Day 2 – Gaudi, Gaudi, Gaudi

Barcelona was an economic powerhouse in the 19th Century, and it had a lot of money for building.  At the turn of the century, while Europe was in the midst of the Art Nouveau movement, the Catalan architects in Barcelona decided to take off in their own direction.  Antoni Gaudi is the best known of those […]

Barcelona, Day 2 – Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter

Barcelona!  We saved this city for last, hoping — based on everything we had heard about it — that it would be a highlight of the trip.  It has been that and more:  Of all the cities we’ve visited during the past two weeks, this one has won my heart.  Architecture, food, beaches, vibrant city energy and weather […]

Barcelona, Day 1 – Room and board

A few months ago, when Amanda and I were in the hotel-reservations phase of trip planning, Amanda’s mom, Susan, offered to set up reservations at a Renaissance hotel where she had stayed on a recent trip to Barcelona.  At the time we (or, at least, I) had felt some hesitation.  We were up to our […]