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The Ride: Going to the Sun Road

Even if you’ve never heard of Kalispell, Montana, you’ve probably heard of Glacier National Park. It’s one of those places that has a way of turning up on calendars and post cards — all snowy peaks and sapphire lakes and lush green valleys — but it’s so remote that you’ll never get there unless you […]

Another day in Kalispell

I had originally planned to spend only one night in Kalispell.  The movers were scheduled to deliver my furniture and things early on Friday, so I needed to get to Seattle on Thursday night.  BUT THEN a vast right-wing conspiracy forced the movers to change the delivery date to next Tuesday, leaving me with no […]


At long last, a break from traveling!  Today I got to Kalispell, Montana, and all I want to do is channel my inner Elsa and sing say, “Here I’ll stand, and here I’ll stay“. Because NATURE! Flathead Lake as seen coming over the pass from Polson.A truly breathtaking view, I did a u-turn so that […]