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We climbed a hill!

The ancient city of Edinburgh nestles among the rocky crags of extinct volcanoes.  The castle sits atop one of them.  The other most prominent crag is known as Arthur’s Seat and it rises above the city some 800+ feet.  Its name colorfully evokes Arthurian legend but the origin is actually unknown.  It could also be […]

Labor Day!

Labor Day was forecast to be excellent weather, so Justin and I decided to take advantage of it and go for a hike.  We picked Little Si, a 4.7 mile hike not too far from downtown Seattle. The trail wasn’t difficult. Most of it passed through lush green forest. The epitome of the Cascades. We […]

The Hike: Backpacking the White Pass – Pilot Ridge Loop

Two weekends ago I took a day off work and went backpacking in the Northern Cascades with two of my best friends from law school.  Amy flew in from DC, and Kristin flew up from El Paso.  We spent Friday night running last-minute errands to REI and the grocery store, and then left first thing. […]

Memorial Day Weekend at Whistler

Memorial Day weekend!  I’ve always thought of this weekend as the first weekend of summer, when the days are warm and long, and you have an extra day to get out and enjoy the weather before it gets hot.  Memorial Day is not quite so summery here in the Pacific Northwest (that won’t really come until July), but with […]

The Hike: Autumn color in the Enchantment Lakes

The last time I went on an overnight backpacking trip was, gosh, probably sometime during the year or so after I got my Eagle Scout award.  So, early high school, roughly 20 years ago.  Since then I’ve hiked, and I’ve camped, but both together?  Not until this last weekend. On Wednesday my friend Colin asked […]

The Hike: Dungeness Spit

The Olympic Peninsula is this fantastical place on the other side of the Puget Sound from Seattle.  It’s home to a famous rain forest (they get about 200 inches of rain there) and sparkly fictional vampires (the Twilight books are set in the town of Forks) and not enough decent hotels — or so my friend […]

The Hike: Mount Si, followed by Seattle’s Dragonfest

It finally feels like summer in Seattle!  The days are long, the skies perfectly clear and sunny, and plenty of things happening. I had originally planned to spend the weekend Getting Things Done.  You know, because now that I’m back from vacation it’s time to be a responsible grown-up and actually take all that stuff that’s […]